MERIS Drops New Modular Reverb System, The MercuryX

Meris has released their new Modular Reverb System, the MercuryX. The MercuryX takes everything Meris did on the Mercury7 and expands it into what the company is calling “the highest quality and most flexible studio reverb ever created in a pedal format.”


The MercuryX combines 8 custom Meris reverb algorithms and incorporates those into a modular system UI/architecture. The revers include Ultraplate and Cathedra from the Mercury7 which are inspired by the moody sci-fi reverbs featured in Blade Runner; while the The 78 Room, Plate and Hall structures are inspired by the venerable sounds of a studio classic. Then there’s the Spring, Prism, and Gravity, which are unique to MercuryX.

“It’s no secret that rack reverbs are a passion of mine,” said Angelo Mazzocco, DSP Engineer and VP. “I designed the reverb structures of MercuryX to build upon and expand the world of algorithmic reverbs made famous in those vintage racks. Matched up with MercuryX’s effortless modulation, they combine to form an atmospheric dream world.”

The MercuryX offers 99 preset locations across 33 banks, a Deep Modifier Section that lets you route control signals to processing parameters, an all-new Independent Stereo Freeze alongside reverb, and onboard effects including 79 Chorus, Vibrato, Vowel Mod, Tremolo, Hazy Lo-Fi and more. The MercuryX is available here for $599.

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