RUMOR: Mayones Guitars Updates its Flagship Regius Model With Forearm Contour and Slimmer Body

Well, here is a rumor that is going around that we hope turns out to be true.  Mayones Guitars, the small but amazing shop located in Poland, has been rumored to be in the process of updating its flagship Regius model to have a forearm contour and a slimmer upper body.  If this is indeed true, this is BIG news.  Though Mayo puts out some awesome guitars, one of the biggest issues people had with them (me included) was that they didn’t have any forearm contour.  Playing a guitar without forearm contour can make your forearm start to hurt very fast for some people, so the fact that they added this and listened to their customers is a big deal.  Hopefully we will see these new slimmer Regius models soon.

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Lucas majored in Guitar/Music Technology at the University of Louisiana. He now uses this degree to decorate his wall.

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