MATTHEWS EFFECTS Travels to the Future With Their Futurist MIDI Controller Foot Pedal

Matthews Effects is living in the future with their new Futurist MIDI controller pedal.


The Matthews Effects Futurist allows you to send 16 messages per patch, as well as patch specific Expression, Utility Jack, and MIDI Clock settings for a total of 210 available patches. All patches can be named for ease of use. The Futurist also offers built-in shortcuts for programming PC, CC, Note On and Note Off messages alongside manual options. Much like the patches, all messages can also be named.

The Futurist can also control analog equipment with its virtual analog control outputs. With expandability and versatility in mind, an expression pedal can be used to send MIDI expression, or 3 additional footswitches can be added to expand The Futurist’s capabilities from 4 switches to 7.

Then there’s the “Matthews Effects Editor” software available to download, which allows you to update The Futurist’s firmware, organize presets and create new ones using the custom “Smart Editor” wizard that makes creating MIDI messages a breeze.

The Matthews Effects Futurist is available for $229.99.

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