ANIMALS AS LEADERS Drummer Matt Garstka Drops the Hammer in this Playthrough of “Backpfeifengesicht”

The German compound word “backpfeifengesicht” literally translates to “one needing to be slapped in the face.” In the instance of this playthrough, I guess you could equate the drums to the faces that need to be slapped because Matt Garstka definitely did that. Matt is one of those drummers that is just so fucking talented that I simply have to close my eyes and enjoy his playing without actually knowing what is going on. Luckily for me though, this video was taken from Matt’s new “Madness of Matt Lesson Series”, which breaks down many of his most sought after tunes in lovely 4k resolution. You can purchase that right here. Maybe now I can finally understand WTF is going on!


Another fun little fact about this video is that there was no quantizing, sample replacement, or any shenanigans aside from the last double bass part applied to this playthrough. This was a one-taker and that’s pretty damn cool. In a genre dominated by heavy edits, Matt Garstka is keeping it real as hell.

Tech specs:

Tama Starclassic (Japan) Bubinga/Maple with .6mm outer ply of Cordia
22″ x 16″ Kick (3 ply bubinga, 5 ply maple)
14″ x 6.5″ Snare (3 ply bubinga, 4 ply maple)
10″ x 7″ Tom 1
12″ x 7″ Tom 2
14″ x 12″ Floor Tom 1
16″ x 14″ Floor Tom 2

Cymbals are all Meinl Byzance Line From left to right:
14″ Traditional Top & Sand Hat Top
18″ Extra Thin Jazz Crash
8″ Traditional Splash
18″ Traditional Hammered Crash
22″ Vintage Pure Light Ride
16″/18″ Matt Garstka Signature Fat Stack
18″ Extra Dry China

All Coated Vintage Emperors on Toms Coated P77 on snare Coated P4 on Kick.

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