MARSHALL Now Owned By A Swedish Company

Marshall Amplification has moved on from being family owned, and is now owned by Swedish company Zound Industries. Zound Industries has previously licensed Marshall’s name for their headphones and speakers, and has now bought the company entirely. Still, according to The Verge the Marshall family will own 24% of the stake in the company.


“We’ve already been working in close collaboration for the past 12 years,” said Zound CEO Jeremy de Maillard. “We haven’t done a single product from Zound that hasn’t been approved by the acoustic engineer at Marshall Amps… It’s a complete continuation of what we do, except now we’re one and the same.”

“Since my father and I created the original Marshall amp back in 1962, we have always looked for ways to deliver the pioneering Marshall sound to music lovers of all backgrounds and music tastes across the world – and I’m confident that the Marshall Group will elevate this mission and spur the love for the Marshall brand,” added Terry Marshall said in a statement.

“Having worked alongside my father during his later years, I know he would be excited at this direction and the potential to reach a larger worldwide audience,” added Victoria Marshall.

de Maillard also said Marshall brands like Natal Drums, Marshall Records, and Marshall Live Agency are included in the deal, and that he doesn’t expect any changes to occur to any of the products.

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