Marcus King Has His Own Signature ORANGE Amp Now

Blues guitar legend Marcus King has teamed up with Orange for the company’s first-ever amplifier designed with Orange USA and built in the USA, the MK Ultra. The MK Ultra is a hand-wired 30-watt all-valve guitar amplifier that offers American-made custom Heyboer transformers and a pair of 12AX7 preamp valves feeding into a power amp section with two 6L6GC cathode-biased power valves.


As far as controls go, the MK Ultra keeps it pretty simple. The amp offers a Volume knob that doubles as a tone control, a Treble knob named “Sing,” and a Bass knob named “Deep.” I mean look – if you’re looking for some seriously crunchy tones, then you’re going to want this.

The MK Ultra is available here for $3,299.

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