MAGNATONE Rolls Out 5-Watt, Fender-Style Starlite Amp

Magnatone has unveiled their compact Starlite amplifier, perfect for home and studio use. The Starlite offers Fender-type classic tones with a vintage look with its brown and gold cosmetics.


“Folks have been asking us for a long time to come out with a small, low-power amp for practice and studio applications that maintains the traditional Magnatone style, tone, and performance,” said Magnatone CEO Ted Kornblum. “With Starlite, we believe we’ve hit the mark of classic American tone with something that takes small to the next level.”

The Starlite is a single-ended 5-watt amplifier powered by one 6V6 and comes loaded with a Magnatone Custom 8″ Ceramic Magnet made by WGS. Magnatone adds that the Starlite‘s tone control covers both Blackface and Tweed-era amps, and offers an 8-ohm remote speaker jack for endless tonal opportunities.

The Starlite is available here for $1,299.