LUKE HOLLAND Drums His Way To Victory With This Cover of “Idol” By BTS


In his latest YouTube cover, drummer Luke Holland went the K-pop route and jammed along to a drum remix of the song “Idol” by South Korean group BTS. That’s right, even metal guys can not only do pop music, but crush it in the process. Take a listen and see how much fun the dude has!

The video was filmed and recorded at Perfect Sound Studios in Frogtown by Noel Ross at Robot Buffalo Productions, and the audio mixing and recording was done by Sean Kellett. A talented team for sure.

About the gear he used on this track, Luke had this to say:

“My Meinl Cymbal Setup from left to right; 10″ Byzance Trash Splash, 14″ Pure Alloy Hihats, 18″ Pure Alloy Crash, 21″ Byzance Dark Ride, 19″ Brilliant Byzance Medium Thin Crash, ‘Artist Concept Series’ Luke Holland Bullet Stack.”

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