Loop Yourself Dozens of Times With PIGTRONIX’s New Infinity 3

Pigtronix is taking looping to the next level with their brand new Infinity 3 pedal.


The Infinity 3 allows players record, play back, dub, undo and redo on two stereo loop pairs. These pairs can be either played in series or parallel, as well as synchronized and cue’d for automatic playback. The Infinity 3 also offers up to 3 hours of recording time on up to 50 loop pairs and sounds great with its discrete analog limiter stages, transparent analog pass-through and 24 bit HD recording engine with variable sample rate that can be incremented in semi-tones over two octaves.

So what do all the buttons on the Infinity 3 mean? Well, let’s take a look. There are the:

  • 24kHz/48kHz: Fidelity/sample rate options. The Infinity 3 automatically records at 48kHz. Use this button to change the recording rate, or use it after recording to change speed and pitch.
  • Cue/Fade: Red for Cue, where actions occur at the loop boundary once triggered. Green for Fade, where Loop audio fades until end of current cycle once stopped. Push and hold to access the menu to set number of cycles over which Loop audio fades. Hit off for instant stop.
  • Arm/All: Command options. Red for Arm, where only the armed loop receives stop/play commands. Green for All, where both loops receive stop/play commands. Push and hold for loop aging menu.
  • Stereo/Split: Input options. Red for standard looping, where all inputs record to each loop. Green for Split, where each input is assigned to its own Loop. Push and hold for Remote Switch pitch interval menu.
  • Parallel/Series: Playback options for Loop 1 and 2. Red for Parallel playback, where Loops 1 and 2 can be played on top of each other. Green for Series, for verse/chorus-style looping. Push and hold to access expression pedal functions menu.
  • Sync/Multi: Sync options for Loop 1 and 2. Red for a synced 1:1 ratio, Green for Multi (press and hold to set how many times longer Loop 2 is than Loop 1).

The Infinity 3 is available here for $419. There’s also the Pigtronix Universal Remote available for $79, which can control up to three of your pedals. Check that out here.