Looks Like PRS is Teasing an SE Version of John Mayer’s Signature Guitar

John Mayer and PRS teamed up for the Mayer signature Silver Sky guitar in 2018. The guitar was received with quite a bit of criticism online considering it looks very, very similar to a Fender Stratocaster. Despite the dissenting voices and despite the $2,549 price tag, the Silver Sky still came in at #3 on Reverb’s Best-Selling Guitars of 2021. So y’know – the Silver Sky is doing just fine in terms of popularity, and there might be an affordable version coming!


Mayer and PRS posted a joint teaser on Instagram with the PRS SE logo and a “save the date” for January 11. So while nothing is explicitly confirmed, it seems pretty safe to assume there’s an SE version of the Silver Sky coming. For those unaware, the SE line is basically an affordable version of the pricier PRS guitars.

In the meantime, you can check out the regular version of the Silver Sky here.

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