LINE 6 Releases The Spider V – How Does It Sound?

Line 6 has just announce the release of the Spider V series of combo amps, the latest in their line of entry-level modelers aimed at the Guitar Center crowd. If the audio from this video is an accurate representation of the sound of this amp, then the answer to the headline question is BAD. Personally, I don’t like to judge something until I’ve had the chance to play it myself – there are too many factors that go into a sound, especially in something as complex as a modeling amplifier, to judge it based on one performance alone.


But, if we are meant to judge it based on this video alone, then it sounds terrible, and the comments section agrees. Normally I don’t give a shit what the peanut gallery thinks, but there seems to be quite a consensus that makes it difficult to ignore. It’s sad for Line 6 to take such a huge step backwards after making massive strides with the Helix this year. Let’s see if they react by recording a better quality video or maybe getting one of their favorite YouTube reviewers to do just that (hint hint).

Until then, here’s… this.

(edit – the original video was taken down. This one is the replacement. Just know that the first one was real bad, this one is much better.)

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