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Metal is a tricky genre to mix – with so much going on, so many harmonically rich elements and big sounds, maintaining a balance while making it powerful and controlled is an art form – and also a bit of a science.

In his new course “Mixing & Mastering A Metal Concept Album“, Gear God and In Virtue/Witherfall keyboardist Alex Nasla shows you how to mix a complete metal album from top to tail (in this case, the album “Three Faces of Antoine” by Status Minor). All the multitracks and sessions for the entire album are included for you to work with as you follow along in this in-depth master class from Warren Huart’s Pro Mix Academy.

Alex says of the course:

In my course, I show you how I mixed and mastered an entire concept metal album! As far as I’m aware, this the first course out there showing you how to mix and master an entire album from scratch. It wasn’t easy to put together, but in the end, it turned out great! If you are interested in learning how to professionally mix and master a metal record in a reasonable amount of time, this is the course for you! The band is Status Minor from Finland, they are a progressive metal band. They make some great music and are all amazing musicians. It’s a real treat working with recordings this good! The album the course covers is their 3rd album “Three Faces of Antoine.” This album pretty much has it all when it comes to the kinds of tracks you will be working with. Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Voice Overs and loads of SFX tracks. It can be a very daunting task managing all of these tracks and finding the right way to mix them.

Grab your copy of this 10-hour mixstravaganza right now for only $97 right here today and improve your mixes today!

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