Learn How To Program Drums The RIGHT Way With This Complete Course

Do your programmed drums sound more machine than human? Are you having trouble getting your programmed drums to sit right in the mix? Henning Pauly is here to help.


Pauly, drum programmer for over 30 years, has just released his new course Complete Guide To Drum Programming. The course covers a wide variety of popular virtual drum software like Superior Drummer 3, Get Good Drums, Native Instruments, and Steven Slate Drums, and offers nearly 15 hours of detailed lessons on all aspects of drum programming. The course also comes with access to the exclusive Spectre Private Courses group on Facebook where you can talk to instructors and other students alike.

The Complete Guide To Drum Programming is split into two halves – the first is all about a lot of the technical aspects for getting your drum programming ready, and the second half is all about programming a realistic drum sound and drum performance.

Grab yourself Complete Guide To Drum Programming here for $99 for the next 4 days – after that it goes up to $149, so get it while it’s hot!

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