KRAMER’s New Cobra Kai-Centric Model Is Very ’80s

Kramer recently introduced the world to its new Custom Graphics Collection, which features the Kramer Baretta body style finished with different graphics created by a handful of talented artists. Now Kramer is taking a time machine straight back to the ’80s with the collection’s latest edition, the Strike First Baretta.


The Strike First Baretta features an Alder body with a bolt-on 3-piece Maple neck and Maple fretboard and 22 frets. The Strike First Baretta has a classic Kramer Hockey headstock and comes loaded with a Seymour Duncan JB Zebra Coil Humbucker in the bridge. and of course for the finish, you have that ’80s sunset look with a big ol’ Cobra in front of it that tells you to “strike first.”

The downside? The Strike First Baretta costs $999 here.

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