KORG Announces TWO New Products: C1 Air WHITE ASH Digital Piano And The SONICBAR

Keyboard players, you’re gonna wanna pay attention to this one. KORG has just announced the release of two new very special keyboard products: the C1 Air White Ash and the SonicBar! Let’s take a closer look at each.


The C1 Air White Ash is an expansion of Korg’s esteemed C1 Air Digital Piano series. The White Ash is compact and slim digital piano that comes loaded with sympathetic resonance, spatial samples, incredible sound reproduction, a full-range speaker system, and a three-pedal configuration that pianists at any level can rely on. It’s classy, powerful, and perfect for home, studio, or live settings. Learn more about the C1 Air White Ash here.

In contrast, the SonicBar is a 50W stereo powered sound system, which attaches to the SEQUENZ Standard Series of keyboard racks, or any other desktop. The speaker was created to provide accurate, stereo onstage monitoring while remaining sleek and hidden, which is something we can definitely appreciate, as many speaker systems are bulky and heavy as all get-out to use. You can learn more about this incredibly hand speaker system here. 

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