KORG Announces The Kronos LS Lightweight Keyboard


Digital keyboards are pretty awesome, especially when they come with sick sounding built-in patches and software. They can be great in the studio, but sometimes difficult to bring to gigs because of their heft. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little girth, but it might be less desirable for the keyboard player who’s always on the road. That’s where the KORG KRONOS LS comes in.

The KRONOS LS is a lightweight, newly-designed member to the KRONOS family from KORG. It includes all the features from the flagship KRONOS2-88 but with improvements made to the key type, weight, and dimensions. They somehow managed to shave off a whopping 14lbs from the original keyboard, making the LS weight about the same as a decent-sized guitar amp. Way more convenient than a full 88-note keyboard.

The LS also features a “new light-touch keyboard for effortless, nimble playing” as described on KORG’s website. This redesigned mechanism allows for more easily-controlled velocity and speed when playing all kinds of tasty licks. It lends itself really well to all of KORG’s synth, organ, and piano patches that the LS comes loaded with.

It also comes equipped with nine different sound engines, and the capability of up to 16 simultaneous effects and part combinations while editing patches. The LS also features a new OS, colored touch screen, and layering system which allows the user to split and layer patches in the blink of an eye for the ultimate flexibility in their sound.

Now, this is great and all, but maybe most importantly is the sexy new look the LS brandishes with its sunburst wood side panels over its dark aluminum body. This might change the old saying of keyboard players not meeting as many women as guitarists. We can only hope.

The KRONOS LS will be available April 2017 for $3499 retail. For more details on the KRONOS series from KORG, head over to their product page and get that sweet nitty-gritty.

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