KMA MACHINES Revs Up The Chainsaws With New WURM 2 Pedal

KMA Machines is here to give you that classic Entombed-style chainsaw tone with their brand new WURM 2 pedal. The pedal utilizes the same color scheme as the original HM-2 and features a 4-band active EQ, three distinct types of EQ frequency controls, and top-mounted jacks.


“Slithering across the ravaged landscape, the behemoth advances. With each thrust, the beast drags thousands of years of grinding grief and mauling malice that’s ready to be unleashed upon the world yet again,” said KMA Machines. “There is no escape. You either stand in its path and get torn asunder or join the legendary beast, receiving the blessing of its dark distorted powers and sawing sonic screams. The choice is easy. All hail the mighty WURM!”

The WURM 2 is available here for $229.99.

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