KMA MACHINES Gets Fuzzy With Fuzzly Bear 2

KMA Machines recently unveiled their Queequg 2, and they’re not done yet! KMA Machines is now rolling out a new iteration of their Fuzzly Bear pedal, based on the original vintage Jordan Bosstone silicon fuzz circuit. The new version of the pedal moves the input and output jacks to the top of the pedal for easier use, and shrunk the whole pedal down just a little bit.


The Fuzzly Bear 2 offers soft relay silent switching, a Gain knob for different fuzz shapes, Skin/Meat knob for adjusting the bias of the circuit, and Volume for volume.

“Through the untamed wilderness of the forest strives a grizzly monster, its glistening eyes peeking through the undergrowth,” said KMA Machines. Endowed with razor sharp claws and bone-crushing teeth, this beast will rip through any intruder that dares to trespass into its domain. A thundering, sizzling roar distortedly echoes through the woodland. It’s here! It’s time to face the FUZZLY BEAR!”

Grab one here for $199.

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