KLON Runs Out of NOS Diodes, Begins Making Pedals With Different Ones

Klon has been making their KTR overdrive with new old stock (NOS) clipping diodes ever since the company started producing the pedal. According to Klon owner Bill Finnegan in a recent livestream, the NOS stock is just about to run out despite trying every possible avenue to “find more of those damn things.”


Klon will be switching over to a new diode for the pedals, which Finnegan secretly already showed fans at the beginning of the stream.

“If you weren’t able to hear any difference, that’s a good thing. That means I’ve done my work. I had to modify the circuit, so there are some modified values … so that the overall result ends up sounding the same.

Finnegan did not reveal when the KTR overdrive with the non-NOS diodes will hit the market. Klon will continue to make their Centaur pedal with the remaining NOS diodes, until they run out.

“I want to emphasize that any Centaurs that I build going forward – those will have the NOS diodes,” he said “because that’s what people expect; I mean Centaurs go for an awful lot of money, I think everyone knows.”

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