KISS Every Other Rig Rundown Goodbye

Premier Guitar has produced some really good rig rundowns lately, with some pretty major players and bands. Props to those dudes for giving equal time to both arena rockers as well as club-fillers: all the better for the rest of us to learn more about how our favorite bands put together their shows to suit whatever kind of rooms they play. And now they’ve caught up with KISS on their current reunion tour with Def Leppard (you read that right: your time machine works).


Full disclosure: I don’t count myself a member of the KISS army. Van Halen was always more my speed. But I was definitely curious to learn more about how those dudes run their show, because they have been literally been playing reunion arena tours longer than some of our readers have even been alive. And after PG’s great rig rundowns with Brian May and Dweezil Zappa, I’ve become utterly fascinated with how these arena guys construct their rigs.

Equally as important as the rigs, PG uncovered that Paul Stanley’s longtime guitar tech, Fran Stueber, has his own action figure. I know we’re talking about KISS here, but like, is this not one of the coolest merch items you’ve ever seen?


Anyway, check out the extensive rig tour below:

Source: Premier Guitar

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  • why was there a fractal amps case on left corner when everything ist that simple?;-)

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