KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s Adam D Launches Signature Guitar with Caparison Guitars: The Metal Machine


You ever see Adam Dutkiewicz playing on stage and go “Wow. Now there’s a guy who needs his own signature guitar.”? Well, now he has one! Adam has teamed up with the fine folks at Caparison guitars to bring the world the TAT Special FX “Metal Machine”. 

Caparison is unique in their guitars in that they sometimes tack on a 27th fret on the end of them, and that’s what we have with this model. This guitar is beef city. Solid Wood. Neck through. Just one push/pull knob. A big hunk of guitar for hands. Adam had this to say about his new bouncing baby boy:

I am excited to announce the release of my signature guitar with Caparison! It’s a simple beast, but what a beast it is. I’ve had it designed to be a guitar with 2 things in mind, tone, and durability. The neck-through not only keeps it sturdy and stable in changing temperatures (hot clubs, cold back stages, disgusting sweating human), but also makes it one of the loudest guitars I’ve ever played. Especially in tandem with the maple top and string through design. The stainless-steel frets wear so much better than traditional fret wire. The hipshot tuners have a great turn ratio, and hold better than other locking tuners. The Fishman bridge pickup that we’ve developed with them sounds great, and the push pull volume lets you access a more traditional passive-style humbucker sound. I’ve intentionally left out the neck pickup for more wood mass in the guitar. More wood, more resonance, more tone!

If you want to see some specifics about the guitar, check out its page on the Caparison website. Adam and the Killswitch Kids go out on tour January 2018 with Anthrax and Havok. If you don’t want to be a loser, go check their Facebook for dates so you can be a winner.

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