KIKO LOUREIRO (MEGADETH) Selling Close To 100 Guitar, Amps, And More On REVERB

That’s right, Megadeth guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO has teamed up with the good people at to announce his official Reverb Shop! The legendary guitarist is selling nearly 100 of his own guitars, amps, and pedals through the site, with instruments such as his Ibanez signature guitars, a handmade Achim classical acoustic, a Laney LionHeart head and cabinet, and a handbuilt custom Tagima that has toured with Kiko around the world.


From Kiko:

“I have a strong emotional connection with all of the equipment that I have because at some point, it was part of my life. Now, I just realize it’s better if somebody can take this instrument and display it, use it, or hang on the wall—whatever, but do something with the instrument instead of it being there somewhere in São Paulo, Brazil, in storage.”

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Kiko’s Reverb Shop now!

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