KIESEL GUITARS Announces Production of Custom Aries Basses


Are you a bass player in a band where the guitarists play Kiesel Aries guitars? Are you feeling left out because your bass doesn’t match? Well, we’ve got some news for you, and no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke. Kiesel Guitars  has just announced the production of their Aries Series Custom Shop basses, on April 1st nonetheless! It sounds like the dudes at Kiesel did this on purpose to keep fan guessing, and thank goodness it wasn’t a prank!

These basses feature several of the options found on the same guitar models, like the same sleek bevel tops and bolt-on necks. Of course, they come in 4, 5, and 6 string versions for bassists of all walks of life. To top it all off, the wood and finish options are pretty much unlimited since these beauties are coming straight out of the Kiesel Custom Shop. Sweet features aside, what really matters is that these things have all the same sexiness that the guitars in Aries line are known for.

The Kiesel Aries Series Basses are going for $1119 sales price as of right now, so if this is everything you’ve been dreaming of, head over to the Kiesel site and snag one before it’s too late! If you’d rather see what the Kiesel family is up to these days, you can get a full hour-long tour of their facility in Escondido, California. Some pretty sick stuff is in the works.

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