Kiesel Guitars has just announced the next step in their Aries series, the A2. The A2 is a complete revamp of the original Aries in both guitar and bass models while still keeping the aspects that players love in tact.


The A2 guitar offers an offset body that mimics a smaller, headless body size on the treble side, and a full-size guitar on the bass side. The “Access” output jack has been moved to the back of the guitar, while an extra-sculpted, radiused neck heel makes for easier upper fret access and palm comfort. There’s also modified bevels to increase comfort and increase top surface area to showcase more of the top wood, and improved neck pocket design that allows for more pickup configuration options.

Then there’s the A2 bass, which features newly-designed “Tritium” bass pickups for a modern sound, new multiscale scale length options, a Darkglass preamp option, and the offset body and neck heel of the A2 guitar.

Check ’em out here on Kiesel’s website.

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