KHKD Introduces New GOJIRA Signature Drive Pedal

If you’ve ever wanted to sound as good as Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier, here’s your chance! Duplantier has teamed up with KHKD Electronics for a brand new Gojira Drive pedal limited to 333 unites. The pedal offers the trademark Gojira harmonics and an active EQ section featuring Bass, Treble, Drive, and Volume knobs.


“With an all-new circuit, we went beyond the Gojira tone: this harmonic overdrive is versatile and inventive for a variety of tones,” said KHKD. “She will be your trusted companion from pure raging metal to AM radio sound. Each pedal comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity personally signed by Joe.”

The pedal is available here for $249.99, each of which features individually silk-screen printed by hand artwork.

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