KHDK Teams With Shred Overlord Bernth For New Pedal

You might know Bernth Brodtrager from his YouTube channel, or from that time Tool invited him on stage to jam. Now you can get to know Bernth via his new overdrive pedal in collaboration with KHDK, the Shred.


The Shred differs from other overdrive pedals in that it offers a mid-boost switch, which KHDK explains as such: “We tuned the boost into two precision frequency bandwidths and combined them with the tone control. When toggled up, it allows you to cut or boost these frequencies and give you the exact punch you need. Your shredding riffs and solos are guaranteed to cut through the mix.

The pedal also features artwork designed by Bernth’s own YouTube community. Each Shred pedal comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-numbered and signed by Bernth and is available for pre-order here for $299. A full demo of the pedal is coming soon.

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