KEMPER Begins Teasing Liquid Profiling

Kemper is teasing a new thing called Liquid Profiling, which Guitar World reports is essentially going to transform the company’s much-criticised flat profile sounds. Or as Christoph Kemper puts it in an interview with Tone Junkie TV puts it, “It’s the perfect marriage of modeling and profiling or profiling modeling.”


“In the past everyone had this little problem to decide between the modeling technique or the profiling technique and I think every everyone wished to have both at the same time, without any drawbacks – and that’s what we made.”

Liquid profiles take your choice of amplifier within the Kemper, laying an amp channel’s tone controls overtop a profile of the same amplifier, and voila! Three dimensions. This is a profile, not a modeling amp,” added Kemper. “We didn’t want to model the distortion or the cabinet – just what you have in your hands. It’s the gain control, it’s bass, middle, treble, presence, the Bright channel. It’s so small and it’s not difficult to be authentic with these small things.”

Check out the interview below and keep an eye out for an official rollout hopefully soon.

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