KEMPER Announces Kreatively-Named New Kemper Power Kabinet

Kemper, prolific profilers and a name that comes up quite a bit in conversation with anyone studio-focused folk, is here with a brand new powered monitor. Kemper has recently announced the Kemper Power Kabinet, which offers 200 watts and a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints.


The Kemper Power Kabinet also supports the Kemper Kone technology, which is controlled and driven by the Kemper Profiler’s DSP to provide a unique and versatile guitar monitoring system that really digs down into rare and interesting tones. Alternatively, the Kemper Power Kabinet offers an ultra-linear full-range mode that stands in contrast to the conventional idea of a full-range system.

The Kemper Powered Kabinet comes with a power cord, a protecting dust cover, and features a smart, build-in speaker stand for slanted setup. The Kabinet is available from Kemper starting at $789.

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