KEITH MERROW Lays Crushing Riffs With HORIZON DEVICES Apex Preamp


It was only a matter of time.

The internet’s riff lord Keith Merrow now has his hands on the newest offering from Misha Mansoor’s Horizon Devices: the Apex Preamp. This pedal has been in development for almost two years and is designed to be a one-stop-shop for studio guitarists.

Keith plays a brutally heavy track before demoing all the features of the pedal— including the noise gate, tight switch, and cab sim. Both the fully mixed and isolated tracks sound solid! His D.I.L.F. settings are pretty gnarly too.

Chasing a tight tone? The Apex Preamp is available now.

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This Gear Demigod majored in Communications and Media and minored in Sound Design at DePaul and is currently looking for a tuning lower than drop Q.

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