KEELEY Teams Up With Andy Timmons For New Halo Echo Pedal

You can finally get Andy Timmons’ “Halo” effect without having to badger the man himself about how he does it! Timmons has teamed up with Keeley Electronics for the all-new modulated dual echo pedal, the Halo. The pedal comes pre-loaded with Timmons’ own personal preset, meaning you can get your spacy tones on pretty much immediately. The Halo allows you to program your own presets and switch between them, as well as switch between Sides A and B of the pedal itself for two completely separate effects.


The Halo offers a Saturate control to add tape compression textures, Tone and High Pass Filter for overall delay shape and mix, and Rhythm Mode selector to tune into different echo-based rhythms. The pedal also has stomp switches for tap tempo, infinite hold, preset save/recall, and more.

The Halo is available here for $299.

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