KEELEY Combines Overdrive And Boost In New Noble Screamer Pedal

Overdrive and boost in the same pedal with a suspiciously-looking Ibanez Tube Screamer green strewn about? Yup, it’s the Keeley Noble Screamer.


The Noble Screamer is a 4-in-1 pedal that brings with it two very familiar drive circuits and two brand new amp-like distortion tones, all 100% analog and all 100% crunchy. The Noble Screamer offers Tone, Drive, and Level controls alongside two toggle switches. One is the Tone Switch, which toggles between a flat EQ, a boost in the treble and bass response, and a Low Pass Filter; the other switches between Soft and Hard Diode Clipping.

The Noble Screamer also offers Keeley’s Vitamin K Infused Buffer for noise free switching, a True Bypass mode, and top-mounted jacks. Get one here for $199.

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