KAMCHATKA’s Thomas Andersson Talks About His Signature Ibanez “Beard Bender”

Thomas Andersson is the whiz guitarist behind the Swedish blues rock band Kamchatka. It’s a band named after my favorite territory to scream out while playing long games of Risk (PREPARE TO DEFEND KAMCHATKA :rolls battle dice:) so naturally I’m on board. We actually did a Rigged feature on him last year and got the lowdown on his gear, which included a bit about his signature Ibanez “Beard Bender” guitar.


Well, today Kamchatka are rolling out their new single, “Human Dynamo“, and in honor of that, Thomas was kind enough to talk a bit about his guitar for us, as well as demonstrate some licks from the aforementioned single (through what appears to be a built-in wall guitar amp? Is that a thing that Swedish houses have? No wonder they’re so good at guitar…).

Check out the full song right here, and be sure to grab it on iTunes if you like what you hear:

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