JORDAN RUDESS Has A New, Insane Guitar/Keyboard Hybrid

Jordan Rudess is the type of dude that I’m not sure any of us could ever match on one instrument. But two instruments at once? It’s even a dream we’ve had. Yet here’s Rudess, shredding along on his new prototype of a guitar-keyboard built by Przemek Druzkowski, making us all look stupid. I mean really dude, come on – leave some for the rest of us.


“I’m very excited,” said Rudess. “Because today I got to look at the very first prototype of a new instrument I’m designing with Przemek Druzkowski, the master guitar builder. This is the first prototype and I’m blown away because I didn’t expect to see it today. You can see that it’s all one piece. It’s totally a prototype and I’m sharing it with you guys so you can be excited about it as well.”

Check out the video below and… maybe wait for some kind of production model so we can all suck at it?

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