Jon Donais from Shadows Fall Hosts a Guitar Battle Royale, Offers up a Free Guitar in Tribute

It seems lately that I hear more about clinics, websites, and contests from the Shadows Fall guys than I do about music and tours, but hey, bands have to keep busy in the off season. A lot of this news has been from the band’s drummer, Jason Bittner (“Bittner? I hardly even know her!”). But Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais won’t be left out.


So if you’re the type of guitarist who likes to prove chop superiority over your brethren, or if you just have an itch to win a free Legator Ninja 200-SE guitar, this might be news for you. Jon is hosting a contest at his website wherein you submit a video of you tearing through a Shadows Fall song (no mimicking or fancy edits, thanks), and you will be judged by the entirety of the internet. It’s cool though, if there’s one thing I know about online strangers, it’s that they’re very nice.

To enter head over to You have until March 15th, so get practicing.

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