Your favorite uncle John Petrucci is having a little summer holiday get-together in Long Island this April. He said it’s cool if you want to come along. He’s planning on BBQing and having a bit of jam. Maybe bring your guitar too. He’ll probably be able to show you a few licks if you ask nicely.


His pal from work, Mike, is gonna be there. You know Mike. Oh and you know his friends Rusty, Tosin and Tony? Yeah, they’ll be too. Stay away from both of those Andy guys though. They’re bad influences. One has tattoos and I think the other one is a hippy.

Petrucci Shred Camp Mansion

This is where you could be staying and BBQing with John Petrucci.

Really doe, I’m talking about John Petrucci’s upcoming 4-Day guitar camp, ‘Guitar Universe’. It’s intensive shred workshops from world-class virtuoso guitarists, but it’s also chilled hangs with your favorite guitar heroes. Apart from Petrucci, a bunch of other amazing musicians will be there, including Tosin Abasi, Rusty Cooley, Tony MacAlpine, Andy James, Mike Mangini and Andy McKee.

Here’s John explaining the kind of things that will happen at the camp:

“The camp will include informative workshops, student and faculty jams, a summit with some of the guitar industry’s leading voices and live evening performances including a concert featuring my solo band. It’s not just about taking lessons and attending seminars though; it’s a much broader vision – We’re going to hang out together, BBQ, enjoy some Long Island wines, maybe even talk bearding, bodybuilding and everything else the area has to offer!”

If I had the money, I would for sure go. It’s one of those once-in-forever kinda experiences.

Check out the official website for all the details and pricing info.

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