JOHN PETRUCCI’s $10,000 Guitar: The NOMAC MAJESTY by Ernie Ball Music Man, Available Now!


In the latest diamond-studded guitar news (yeah that’s right), the good people at Ernie Ball Music Man recently teamed up with legendary timelord John Petrucci to bring a truly unique guitar to the public eye. Inspired by Dream Theater’s most recent album The Astonishing, the NOMAC Majesty is Petrucci’s newest signature guitar to be released. This is an extremely limited run, as currently, only 21 exist. They also retail at just about 10 grand a pop, so you’d better start saving your hard-earned cash.

Featuring a sexy timeworn matte silver exterior, DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy pickups, and six omniscient eye acrylic screens around a laser carved shield design (woahza), the NOMAC pays homage to the unsettling Noise Machines (AKA “NOMACS”) that are a key theme throughout the latest Dream Theater record. Pretty dang cool if you’re a Dream Theater diehard. The guitar also comes loaded with three tone knobs that are inset with 1.62 carats of 5mm rose cut black diamonds in 14 karat white gold bezels. Did we mention this guitar is fancy?

To learn more about the Nomac, visit Ernie Ball’s website. To bring up a list of local dealers, click the “Order Now” button on the site. Because there are only 21 in existence, you might want to act fast, especially if this piece of art is something you absolutely need in your life.

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  • There’s no way I would ever consider buying this, however, I think it looks pretty rad.

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