John Petrucci Compares the Mesa/Boogie Mark V to the Mark IIC+ (Video)

The Mesa/Boogie Mark series amps has defined the Dream Theater guitar sound since very early in their careers. John’s collection of vintage Marks is enviable to say the least, but as this video shows, there is hope for players looking to get that sound, despite the fact that you can’t buy a new IIC+ anymore.


The Mark V is the latest incarnation of the series, and it’s claim to fame is that it contains modes for three of the most famous Mark amps, the I, IIC+, and the IV. So Mesa got your god to A/B the two amps side by side, the original (of which, he explains, there were many versions made, which all had different sounds and features) and the newcomer. The result is a bunch of know-it-all commenters bitching about all the little tiny differences and whining about how they “don’t make ’em like they yousta”. But, as it turns out, they DON’T MAKE THEM ANYMORE AT ALL SO STFU GRAMPA

In all seriousness, the Mark IIC+ is a pretty rare bird, and for the amount you would spend on one, even now 25-30 years after it was made, getting a Mark V which is readily available for a lot less starts to look like a pretty good idea, cork sniffers be damned. Plus, the sheer flexibility of the thing makes it WAY more practical of a choice. Who the hell uses only one channel? If I’m gonna haul a tube amp anywhere, it better have 3 channels AND make me a damn sandwich.

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