JOHN MAYER’s New MARTIN Is Very Silver And Extremely Expensive

Martin is celebrating the 20th anniversary of John Mayer’s OM-28JM guitar with two new models that everyone can’t afford. Well, sort of.


The first model is the OMJM John Mayer 20th Anniversary features a 000-14 Fret body with an East Indian Rosewood back and side with an Engelmann Spruce top, a thinner 1 11/16th width at the nut, Fishman Gold Plus Natural I pickup, and an extremely Silver finish with tons of silver bordering all around the body. The OMJM John Mayer 20th Anniversary goes for $3,999.99

Then there’s the OM-45 John Mayer 20th Anniversary, and let’s get this out of the way right now – it costs $18,499. The OM-45 John Mayer 20th Anniversary has way more silver bordering and looks really nice, and replaces the East Indian Rosewood sides with Guatemalan Rosewood. This definitely feels like a “blues lawyer” kind of guitar though… that, or John Mayer is gonna be the only dude that owns one.

The reaction to the OM-45 has been pretty much what you’d expect. One person on Instagram put it best, asking “Who is guitar really made for, a wealthy person who has disposable income and no bills? My daughter plays and owns a couple of guitars, and she is self-sufficient, and this price is still too high for a normal person to waste their money.” And on one hand, I get it – not everyone can afford every guitar out there. But what amounts to half a year’s worth of rent or a mortgage is insane.

Get ’em here, somehow.

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