Josh Scott of JHS Pedals has brought back the late ’70s brand ROSS Electronics for a whole new lineup, complete with new and old models. As an added bonus, Scott and JHS have also dropped a whole documentary on Charles “Bud” Ross and ROSS Electronics, which you can check out below. The lineup of ROSS Electronics in 2023 is:

  • The ROSS Compressor is an OTA-based, vintage-style compressor and is a faithful reproduction of the “Era 2” Gray Box ROSS Compressor circuit. The ROSS Compressor offers Level and Sustain controls.
  • The ROSS Chorus is a true-analog bucket-brigade chorus with a V3207 chipset. The ROSS Chorus offers Rate and Depth controls.
  • The ROSS Distortion is an op-amp, hard clipping distortion built around classic 1970s pedals like the MXR Distortion Plus, the DOD 250, and the ProCo RAT. The ROSS Distortion offers Level and Distort controls.
  • The ROSS Fuzz is a brand new addition and whose circuit was pulled from the Kustom amplifiers made by Bud Ross. The ROSS Fuzz offers Level and Fuzz controls.
  • The ROSS Phaser is a versatile and easy to use OTA-based phaser, and is a faithful reproduction of the original ROSS circuit. The ROSS Phaser offers Rate and Recycle controls.

All five pedals are available here for $189 each.

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