JHS didn’t make a Klon ripoff. In fact, they specifically made the NOTAKLÖN DIY Overdrive kit.


The NOTAKLÖN DIY Overdrive kit utilizes the unique “Shamrock” modification that JHS performed on the Klon KTR for several years, and more importanrly offers easy-to-understand instructions with no soldering required). The kit even includes “goop” so that you can conceal the “magical” diodes, because not why? Do whatever the hell you want – you’re building this thing.

As for the NOTAKLÖN, it offers Output, Trble, and Gain controls alonside the aformentioned Shamrock Mod Switch. The switch increases the overall gain +4dB for unmatched boost abilities, with an increase in mid frequencies and an additional stage of hard-edge clipping.

Get the kit here for $99.

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