JERRY CANTRELL Teams With JIM DUNLOP For New Brighten Wah Pedal

Alice In Chains guitarist and solo artist Jerry Cantrell is here to give you a stylish new wah pedal based on the artwork of his latest record Brighten. Cantrell and Jim Dunlop have teamed up for the Jerry Cantrell Cry Baby Wah featuring a glow-in-the-dark tread that takes after the Brighten cover, front badge, and a surrounding black casing to really make the logo stand out.


Other than that, it’s a wah pedal – it has a side knob for fine-tuning the toe-down frequency and a punchy heel-down tone. Get one here for $199.99. You can also check out Cantrell’s recent signature Epiphone and Gibson models too, if you’re looking for the full repertoire.

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