Jeff Loomis Unveils New String Sets Through MISFITS Guitarist’s Company

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear, the gear company owned by Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, has just unveiled three new Jeff Loomis Signature String Sets of nickel plated electric guitar strings. “I couldn’t be more excited to team up with my friend Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein to release my first ever Signature String line!” said Loomis of the sets.


The sets include the Nemesis, which he personally uses for Arch Enemy, measuring .011(C), .015(G), .018(D#), .032w(A#), .044w(F), .056w(C); the 7 Strings of God for seven-string guitars, measuring .009(E), .011(B), .016(G), .026w(D), .036w(A), .046w(E), .062w(B); and the Sentient 6 for standard tuning, measuring .009(E), .011(B), .016(G), .026w(D), .036w(A), .046w(E).

All three are available here for $17.49 each.

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