JAMES HETFIELD on the Joe Rogan Podcast – Talks Recent Onstage Brain-Fart

In what was possibly the greatest meeting of worlds since the Lou Reed & Metallica masterpiece LuLu, James Hetfield was just on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


James and Joe, maybe unsurprisingly, had a lot in common. They bonded over performing, back problems, and their mutual love of shooting animals. But in among all that outdoor-enthusiast dad talk, there were some cool little gems of gear trivia and pearls of wisdom on performing (though I swear James was talking about beekeeping for at least half of the show).

In a relatable sympathy-cringe moment, Hetfield talked about a recent onstage fuckup he had at a Metallica show:

Just like the other day. I had this friggin’ brain-fart onstage, where we’re up there and they play the intro to ‘One’ …and then I start the wrong song. I started ‘Fade to Black’ instead. A different song. And I’m standing there going “umm what do I do now?!” This wave of shame comes over you…

There it is, absolute proof that One/Fade to Black/Sanitarium are all basically the same song.

Nah really doe, it’s kinda heartening to know that even the veteran performers, like James, still have those moments like all of us.

In another interesting tidbit, Joe recognized the specific camo finish on one of the ESP James Hetfield Snakebyte guitars. It’s actually a proprietary camouflage pattern from a famous hunting gear company and ESP had to get permission to use it. That’s some super ‘inside’ redneckery right there.

James Hetfield Hunting Camouflage ESP Snakebyte Live

only REAL white dudes will recognize this camo pattern

Check out the full podcast below. It’s easily one of the best Metallica interviews ever. Joe goes deep:

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