J. ROCKETT AUDIO Combines Uni-Vibe And Reverb Sounds In New Uni-Verb Pedal

The Uni-Verb is exactly what you think it is – a Uni-Vibe and a reverb pedal together in one. The Uni-Verb offers a classic Uni-Vibe sound along with a classic spring tank reverb from the ’50s, as well as a built-in loop to allow you to split the two effects into different positions on your pedal board. The Uni-Verb has a footswitch for selectable vibe or chorus effects, which J. Rockett notes “vibes faster and slower than the original and also has slightly more output.”


The Uni-Verb offers a Chorus Mix to blend your dry signal with your wet signal, Level and Speed knobs to adjust output and speed of the vibe or chorus, Intensity knob to adjust the intensity of your effect, and then Reverb and Dwell knobs to control your reverb.

The Uni-Verb is available here for $449.

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