IZOTOPE Makes Recording Less of a Hassle With New Generation of Spire Studio

Ever feel like recording but you’re not exactly in the mood to set everything up (it can’t be just me)? Well, iZotope and their the new Second Generation of their acclaimed Spire Studio are here to fix that.


The new generation of the Spire Studio features a streamlined workflow powered by intelligent audio processing and cloud-based production tools that allows you to quickly access creative effects, visual mixing tools, and AI-powered enhancement. The Spire Studio also offers the latest recording hardware, the free Spire companion app for iOS and Android, as well as six free months of Spire Pro for iOS.

Going back to the whole “too lazy to set things up” deal, the Spire Studio is a compact and wireless vocal and instrument recording device with an onboard studio-grade microphone.

Of course there’s always the option to record with your favorite mics or other gear with two phantom-powered combo inputs, but the option not to is also very present and very nice. The new generation of the Spire Studio also features whisper-quiet sound with new ultra low-noise preamps and up to eight hours of storage.

The new generation of the Spire Studio is available for $499.

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