Is METALLICA’s Kirk Hammett Teasing a Signature GIBSON Flying V?

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett teamed up with Gibson way back in July 2021, though made no indication of any signature models coming anytime soon. Which isn’t too surprising given Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine did the very same in February 2021 and only announced his signature Flying V in December 2021. Now it looks like Hammett is on a similar, albeit a little quicker, timetable.


Hammett took to Instagram over the weekend to (seemingly) tease his very own signature Gibson Flying V. Hammett also appears to indicate that the signature V will get announced this Friday.

So what do we know about the V so far? Well, at the very least it’ll be offered in Purple with a matching headstock, a White pickguard, and uncovered Black pickups of some variety. Basically nothing that nobody couldn’t glean from a few photos – again, they seem to be taking the Mustaine route and showing the model off without actually pointing it out.

Stay tuned!

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