Is FENDER Teasing A KEANU REEVES Signature Bass?

Before there was Keanu Reeves, the actor we all knew, there was Keanue Reeves the bassist for Dogstar. The band recently reunited and released their first album in 23 years Somewhere Between The Power Lines And Palm Trees earlier this year, but that might not be all for Reeves.


Fender has begun teasing what seems to be a Reeves signature P-Bass on their Instagram, saying “The man. The myth. The legend. We’ve got something very special coming soon with #KeanuReeves In the meantime, check out the new Dogstar album — out now.”

“I always wanted to play bass,” added Reeves in the below video. “I moved to Hollywood, California when I was 20 years old, [in] 1985. That was my daydream – I wanted to act, I wanted to be in motion pictures. I started pretty young, I worked in Toronto, Canada, but part of that daydream too when I moved out of the house, got in a car, [and] drove here, [was that] I always wanted to play bass.”

So stay tuned!

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