INCENDIUM Unleashes The HEAVY METAL Distortion Pedal At The San Diego Comic-Con

This one’s for all you comic fans out there.


The iconic fantasy magazine Heavy Metal and lifestyle brand Incendium have teamed up to create a brand new, all-evil distortion pedal: Heavy Metal! The high-gain pedal features a host of options for tone-shaping, and in what is quite possibly the best description of any piece of gear we’ve ever heard, the good people at Incendium had this to say:

“In the scrolls of the ancients, the tone of the Heavy Metal is likened to the power of a Taarakian goddess; its tube-like warmth can be soft and supple, but there’s enough gain to slaughter an army single-handedly, and a tone-shaping EQ to cut through any mix. Articulate and expansive, the Heavy Metal pedal can be equipped as your main tonal weapon through a clean channel or combined with distortion for a tighter sonic assault. Offering merciless aggression and uncompromising dynamics, this is the ultimate pedal for gain-freaks, designed for devastating riffs and searing high octane solos.”

Check out the specs of the pedal below:

  • Gain controls the amount of gain in the circuit. Rotating the knob clockwise increases the amount of gain you unleash. The lower settings create a more pick-sensitive tone and the higher setting pushes you to a massively overdriven tone.
  • Treble Control is a passive low-pass filter. It cuts your high end and offers a wide frequency range. Turned clockwise, it becomes raw, aggressive and cuts through. Turned counterclockwise, it cuts highs for a warmer and more mellow tone.
  • Bass controls the pre-distortion eq which sets the amount of low-end in your tone. This control moves from a tight bass to a long sustain.
  • Volume sets the output volume of the pedal. Be warned, earthling: at higher settings, Heavy Metal has a massive output. Crank it up at your own risk. May the avenging goddess be with you.
  • Solid-State and Mosfet Technology
  • Fully Analog Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • 9v DC Center Negative
  • 33mA Power Consumption
  • Made in the USA

You can pre-order the Heavy Metal distortion here. The units ship on October 31st, 2019, so you’ll want to hurry before they’re all gone!

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