IK MULTIMEDIA Teases New AI Machine Modeling For Tones

AmpliTube is roiling out their standalone new AI Machine Modeling and it sounds pretty damn cool. The AI Machine Modeling software essentially models any sound or combination of sounds, effectively giving you the ability to play through some of your favorite tones without breaking the bank on new gears. I mean, you can still do that, but AI Machine Modeling certainly gives you the option not to.


So how does this work? IK Multimedia describes the Machine Modeling as such: “Use our special guitar/bass capture track to record the sound of any rig and then feed it into our Machine Modeling’s deep neural network software together with the original DI track. Our AI Machine Modeling software will compare the DI and wet signals to generate an exact algorithm of the modeled rig in minutes.”

Effectively, the AI Machine Modeling is creating a “tone model” that can be parsed out into its separate components. So you can even model an amp and cabinet together, then virtually separate the two to try other cabinets. All we know so far is that the AI Machine Modeling is coming soon. In the meantime, check out some demos here.

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