IK MULTIMEDIA Releases MESA/BOOGIE Reference Signature Collection

IK Multimedia has just released their MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection for TONEX and it’s got a lot to offer.


The Reference Signature Collection brings 70 electrifying new Tone Models and five iconic amplifiers including an exact recreation of Carlos Santana’s original “Budokan” Mark I.

All 5 amps were fine-tuned to their sweet spots by legendary “Tone Boy” Doug West, MESA’s in-house tone guru for over 40 years, in a range of styles. Meticulously captured with IK’s Advanced AI Machine Modeling at a world-class studio in Northern California, the results are an unparalleled collection that IK is proud to present today.

To break it down, the collection offers:

  • 70 Tone Models of 4 reference amps and 1 limited-edition King Snake amp: 46 with cab, 24 without
  • Captured using 2 different MESA/Boogie reference cabs: a 4×12 Slope and a 1×12 Widebody Extension
  • All Tone Models were fine-tuned by MESA’s own Doug West and ex-Artist Relations Manager now Recording Engineer Sean Beresford to multiple sweet spots
  • Captured at a world-class studio with ideal acoustics and the perfect gear
  • Created using cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling technology with advanced training
  • Compatible with all TONEX versions including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App
  • All Tone Models can easily be loaded to TONEX Pedal and used for live performance

Get it here for $99.99.

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